First came the cancellation of the EFT in Switzerland, followed by the second interruption of sports competitions in the Czech Republic. The coronavirus pandemic stopped all sports competitions in the Czech Republic, including floorball ones. In order not to lose the opportunity to train and play, numerous national team players go abroad to be fully prepared to return after the restart of temporarily suspended domestic competitions. These include, for example, Martin Čermák, Matěj Pěnička or Matěj Havlas.

Martin Čermák and Matěj Pěnička went to Sweden and will present themselves in the jersey of the second-league FBC Lerum. “I decided mainly because we cannot play at the moment. Because of my long break, I need to play. I’m afraid that another break would hurt me even more, “says Pěnička, who suffered from long-term knee problems and had to suffer more than a year’s break from floorball. “I would like to gain the gaming confidence that I have lacked in the last month. Of course, it is a huge experience and challenge for me. I’m really looking forward to it, “he added.

The same competition will also be played by Ondřej Papoušek, who changes Tatran for Lindås Rasta IBK. The second-league team Lindås Rasta is not an unknown environment for him at all, as he played there in the first half of last year. As soon as it became clear that the Euro Floorball Tour in Switzerland would not take place, he boarded a plane and headed north. “On the day the EFT was cancelled, I immediately called the coach in Lindås and I arranged everything with both clubs. I flew on Wednesday morning. Originally, I only had to train, because we didn’t know what it was like with transfers and whether I could return if the situation improved, but in the end, we found out about the information, so we immediately arranged the transfer, “explains Papoušek.

Jan Malič in the Kalmarsund jersey will try the Swedish top competition. The Czech junior team in the land of three crowns is then completed by Matěj Čermák and Martin Dolejš, who moved to Gamla Stan IBK.

Matěj Havlas, for example, is heading in the direction of Finland. This time he is returning to a familiar environment, as he already played in EräViikingit in the first half of 2019. Now he is back more than a year older and more experienced, although he is still only eighteen. He will be joined in the Helsinki team by Adam Hemerka and Michal Vojtíšek.

Lukáš Punčochář and Petr Majer also went on a mission to Finland and will join the Westend Indians team.

All players should remain abroad until the resumption of sports competitions in the Czech Republic. Then, they will join their respective teams.

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