At the previous WFC in Halifax, Denmark took 7th place in the final standings. In Brno, they will have a chance to finish higher but in the group stage, a few powerful contenders are in the way. Denmark will stand against Sweden, Switzerland and Germany. Danish junior players Elias Ford Holmberg from Copenhagen FC and Magnus Nyeng Jensen from Frederikshavn Blackhawks are ready to jump to the challenge. 

How are you approaching preparation for the WFC? Has the pandemic caused you any obstacles?

Elias: The pandemic has had a huge impact on our preparations for the WFC, for a long period no one from the team could train. We had to train our conditioning and strength at home. It’s a lot better now, since most of our guys can train normally again. We are doing everything we can to get ready, the pandemic has just made this much harder, but we are working hard to get ready.
Magnus: I get to train a lot with my club team and in fitness next to floorball, so I’m all ready for the WFC. Yes, the pandemic has caused obstacles with regard to the upcoming WFC. We have not been able to meet so often because Denmark has been shut down. However, we have a good coaching staff, which has made some good moves, so we have complete control of the tactics for the WFC.

The WFC will take place in the Czech Republic, which hosted the Men’s WFC only two years ago. Did
you follow the latest men’s championship?

Elias: I actually went to the Czech Republic myself to watch the championship, it was a very good experience, the atmosphere in the arenas was insane and it was so much fun to watch the top players in the world play.
Magnus: Yes, I have been following the men’s WFC and it seems to the Czech Republic as a country is a good place to hold WFC.

What expectations do you now have towards the organization and atmosphere in Brno?

Elias: I expect that it will be very similar, I think that the Czech Republic has very loyal and loud fans, so I hope the atmosphere will be as electric as it was in 2018.
Magnus: I have really high expectations for Brno, and I’m sure the organization has done everything for us young people to have a great WFC, with good floorball.

What are your ambitions in the tournament?

Elias: I hope that we can make a good showing. I hope we can battle for a top 5 placement, and if we can give the top four teams a run for their money I will be very happy with our showing.
Magnus: My ambitions are that we as a team stand 100 % together and give everything we have. If we do it for each other, then I am sure that Denmark can play some good floorball and make some great results.

What expectations do you have of the other teams? Who do you think will be your toughest opponent or the challenger for the gold medal?

Elias: I think all the top four teams are very good and play at a very fast pace. I think all of those teams have a good shot at winning it all. I’m looking forward to playing these teams as well since they play at such a pace, it will be fun to experience it first-hand.
Magnus: Now the groups have come out I am sure that Sweden will be the toughest opponent. It is a good ball leading team, where you have to be there 100% to be able to be at their level. I would prefer Denmark to challenge for the gold medal but believe again this year that it will be Sweden and the Czech Republic who will fight for it.

The group ballot took place already – how are you satisfied with your group?

Elias: I think our group is great, Germany is a good team, but we have to beat them. Both Sweden and Switzerland are very good teams, so we hope to play well and see if we can make an upset.
Magnus: My clear favorite group would have been like this. Finland, Switzerland and Germany. I thought those were opponents we could tease a little. Now the groups have come out, our group is with Sweden, Switzerland and Germany. I think we have come in a good group and think we can tease the 3 teams.

For you personally, what does it mean to play at the Junior WFC?

Elias: It’s going to be such an experience. I remember when I was younger watching the U19 players from Denmark and saying “I want to get there”. Now I’m here and I’m so excited to get on the international stage, and hopefully I can inspire some young Danes to get there as well.
Magnus: Now I was also with the team at the last WFC in Halifax and it was some of the biggest things I have tried. I only think it will get wilder this year, and I am proud to represent my country at the WFC, it is one of the biggest things you can achieve as a junior player.

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