The World Junior Championship in the Czech Republic begins on 25th August with seven matches and shows 14 teams on the field. The first one starts in the Vodova arenas at 9:30 and will be played by Slovakia and Latvia. Other games offer battles between Belgium with Estonia, Italy with Poland, Hungary with Slovenia, Switzerland with Denmark and Germany with Sweden. The last match of the day is the most expected, the Czech Republic meets Finland at 6.30 pm.

The Men’s U19 WFC 2021 will be played in the Vodova arenas with 15 teams, but with Hungary participating instead of Russia. Czech players are still the current world champions because of the gold medals they celebrated in Halifax, Canada, two years ago. Before their evening match with Finland, fans will be able to see the opening ceremony at 6.20 pm.

The silver team from the last championship, Sweden, is going to play with dangerous Germany at 3.30 pm. People can watch also Swiss players in action ,who were fourth in Halifax.

Arena Blue

9.30 Slovakia – Latvia

12.30 Switzerland – Denmark

15.30 Germany – Sweden

18.30 Czech Republic – Finland

Arena Red

10.00 Belgium – Estonia

13.00 Italy – Poland

16.00 Hungary – Slovenia

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