Two battles for the finals took place on Saturday. Firstly the Czech Republic could celebrate after a very dramatic match against Sweden and then also Finland won its semifinal. The 11th place goes to Slovenia after a big turnaround.

There is already a complete pair for the Men’s U19 WFC 2021 finals. The first ticket for the gold medal’s battle got the home team of the Czech Republic, who beat up Sweden 5:4 after a shootout. The next one goes to Finnish floorball players who are still undefeated as they won 3:1 against Switzerland. Swedish and Swiss teams will take part in a bronze medal game on Sunday.

Meanwhile, also two countries that will appear among the TOP 8 teams on Men’s U19 WJC 2023 were established in the Red Arena. Slovakia beat Estonia to stay there and Poland won 10:3 against Denmark to get back among the elite. The 11th place goes to Slovenia and Hungary ends up in 13th place. 

Latvia – Germany 8:1

Czech Republic – Sweden 5:4 ps

Finland – Switzerland 3:1

Slovakia – Estonia 13:0

Denmark – Poland 3:10

Hungary – Italy 15:4

Austria – Slovenia 6:7 ps