Slovakia ends up in 7th place on the Men´s U19 WFC 2021, as they beat up their neighbours from Poland 6:4. Poland gets 8th place. 

There was a better start from the Polish floorbalist, supported by a great audience again. They scored first in the third minute of the match, as they pushed Slovaks and forced them to make a defensive fault. But Slovakia then used just two and a half minutes to score three goals and made a lead which they protected to the end of the match.

An interesting moment came by in the 15th minute of the first period in which Poland reduced the loss by a goal on 2:3. The Latvian referee showed a great overview in the game there as he saw that the Polish forward was standing in the small goal area with both his feet and called off this goal immediately after it was scored. 

A big part of the Slovak´s win had players Tomas Kvasnica and Peter Steller, who both scored twice and Kvasnica assisted too.

Slovakia 6:4 Poland (4:2), (1:1), (1:1)

goals: 5. Tomáš Kvasnica, 7. Tomáš Kvasnica, 7. Peter Steller, 16. Peter Steller, 22. Šimon Batkovič, 45. Lukáš Blaszczyk – 4. Daniel Surdyn, 20. Kacper Szałański, 39. Kacper Skura, 60. Nikodem Gawronski; referees: Mārtiņš Gross – Imants Vinkalns; penalties: 3:1; powerplay goals: 1:0; spectators: 285; saves: Šimon Melega 29 – Szymon Bryndza 7, Michał Janusz 8; after periods: 4:2, 1:1, 1:1;