The Men’s U19 WFC is over for Belgium and Italy. The duel, which was played at Arena RED from 9.30am, was dominated by the Belgians. They won16-2 and ends in 13th place, while Italy is in last 15th place after four losses. Italian Tommaso Rubeo had two penalty shots in the match. The first time he failed, but the second time he outplayed the Belgian goalkeeper. Only the 9th place, bronze and final matches remain to be played.

Belgium 16:2 Italy (3:0)(6:1)(7:1)

Goals: 3. Viktor Muhrbeck, 8. Warre Depril, 15. Jules-Emile Batsleer, 21. Warre Depril, 28. Lars Bosmans, 30. Jef Philippé, 33. Ruben De Waele, 37. Jules-Emile Batsleer, 39. Manuel Breda, 42. Jef Philippé, 45. Warre Depril, 50. Maxime Verhamme, 51. Ruben Vanrampelberg, 55. Victor Janssen, 56. Clément De Leener, 56. Guillaume Morelle – 33. Tommaso Rubeo, 45. Omar Garofalo. Referees: Janick Bühler – Yvan Bühler. Penalties: 1:0. Powerplay goals: 0:0. Spectators: 44. Saves: Kobe Coppieters 13 – Matteo Fellet 26.