Reverses on both sides of the field, thirteen goals and huge emotions. Sweden gets third place in the Men´s U19 World Floorball Championship 2021 after a big turnaround in the last minutes of the match!

Already the first period of the bronze medal match was worth it. Swedish floorball players got into a two-goal lead soon, while they made a beautiful first-touch action in the 6th minute by using four different players. But then an amazing takeover was made by a Swiss team, as they scored four times in a row. 

Their turnaround was started by the use of a double power play to score and tie the game 2:2 and another really important subject of the Swiss campaign in this match was their goalkeeper, as he turned away two Swedish goals and made it possible for his teammates to score soon.

There was a beautiful moment in the 25th-26th minute of the match when both goalkeepers showed their strengths to the big Brno´s audience because Sweden and Switzerland got both into a separate escape when just a shooter and a goalie faced each other. Sadly and happily at the same time, it was a masked man who was more successful in both cases.

The Swiss team was in the lead 6:3 at the start of the third period, but Sweden scored three times in a row and added a final clove to their opponent´s coffin. It’s the Swedes who won 7:6 after a great turnaround and who take bronze medals.

The main heroes of this match were the Swiss goalkeeper Janis Schwarz, the author of Swedish turnaround Hannes Nyström, who scored a hattrick and assisted twice and also Kimo Oesch, two goals scorer for Switzerland.

Sweden 7:6 Switzerland (4:2), (2:2), (0:3)

goals: 7. Kimo Oesch, 14. Kimo Oesch, 18. Dylan Hasenböhler, 20. Matteo Nico Steiner, 21. Claudio Schmid, 31. Gian Thöni – 5. Hannes Nyström, 6. Mattias Lövenfors , 24. Emil Jacobsson, 34. Hannes Nyström, 53. Hannes Nyström, 54. Mattias Lövenfors , 60. Melker Hemmingberg; referees: Bartosz Burek – Wojciech Czarnecki; penalties: 1:4; powerplay goals: 2:1; spectators: 896; saves: Janis Schwarz 13 – Emil Ödman 5, Emil Lindblom 10; after periods: 4:2, 2:2, 0:3;