The entire tournament at Arena Red ended with a ninth-place duel between Denmark and Estonia. The Danes enjoyed the victory, beating their opponents 6:3.

The Danes entered the game with a great start. Denmark scored three goals in the first period. In the second period, Denmark scored three more goals. After the second period, the score was 6:0. The Estonians did not score their first goal until the 50th minute, and it was too late. In the third period, Estonia only reduced the score to the final 6:3. For the Danes, today’s win is their first and last of the tournament, and it puts them in ninth place. The Estonians finish tenth. The hat trick in today’s game was scored by Kristian Gadegaard Nielsen.

EstoniaU19 – Denmark U19 3:6
50. Rasmus Randoja, 58. Ander Sikk, 59. Karl-Eerik Kukk – 7. Nikolaj Hørby Jensen, 14. Kristian Gadegaard Nielsen, 19. Simon Erlandsen, 26. Kristian Gadegaard Nielsen, 33. Theodor Frandsen, 43. Kristian Gadegaard Nielsen; rozhodčí: Jakub Furmánek – Vlastimil Šolc; penalties: 4 + Kevin Vaha (EST) 5:1;  saves: Reydan Ramon Niineorg 22, Marten Teppan 1 – Mathias Mikkelsen 10.

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2021 U19 WFC - Estonia v Denmark