The identity of the Junior World Championships, which will take place in Brno in 2021, will impress with its main motto, Journey Begins. The logo of the championship is the play symbol, which also includes and completes the silhouette of the Czech flag, which permeates the logo. Behind the identity is the idea of floorball as a modern sport, which today is closely related to modern technologies and how young people exist in the space of digital, especially social networks. The motto Journey begins, by the very nature of its name, refers to the beginnings and the journey, both the journey to the championship title, but also to the journey through world-class floorball. For some of the junior national team players, the Junior World Championships can be a stepping stone to a floorball career at the highest level.

The identity was created by Czech floorball in collaboration with Ondřej Syrový and Ondřej Bartakovič from eos media.