The IFF Central Board (CB) had an online meeting on 29th June 2021 to discuss and decide upon the IFF Events in relation to the the current Covid-19 situation. During the meeting, the CB decided to go ahead with the Men’s U19 WFC 2021 in Brno, Czech Republic.

MEN’s U19 WFC 2021

The Men’s U19 WFC will be played 25th – 29th of August 2021.

The IFF CB Meeting decided to go ahead with the tournament 25th-29th of August 2021 in Brno, Czech Republic. The Covid-19 pandemic still affects the list of countries which can participate. A total of 11 qualified teams (Czech Republic, Finland, Latvia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Slovenia, Russia and Poland) have replied that they are ready to participate and  the five qualified teams (Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and Norway) have replied that they – due to Covid-19  and travel restrictions cannot participate.

Moreover, the IFF CB decided to include Estonia, Austria, Belgium and Italy as replacing teams. In total, nine countries were approached in relation to being replacement teams based on regional quotas, ranking order of the nations, and their readiness and willingness to participate.

New entry restrictions for Czech Republic that came into effect on 1st July have made it unclear whether Russia will be able to participate or not. Once the situation is confirmed the final list of participating teams and match schedule will be published. Further the CB decided to put forward to the IFF competition office to work with LOC to adapt the schedule to the new teams but still be ready to further adaptions depending on possible changed restrictions nearer the event.

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