The World Championships will take place from August 25 to August 29 in the Vodova Arenas in Brno. The positive news at the culmination of the two-year junior cycle is that the young floorball players will be cheered on by fans in the arenas. You can now get your tickets HERE. 

In the first wave, 500 tickets will go on sale every day, and along with the easing of the epidemic situation, more will be gradually released.

The U19 WFC will be played in both halls. Elite groups A and B will play their matches in the larger arena with a capacity of up to 2,900 seats. For the WFC, the arena is labelled as Arena BLUE. Groups B and C will play in a smaller hall, which can accommodate up to 900 spectators, and which will be called Arena RED.

The seats will not be numbered on any of the days. For the group stage, only the lower grandstand will be available in the large hall. The upper tier will be open for the semifinals and finals.

The ticket price will be the same for the group stage, and the entrance pass is valid for both halls. There will be a price difference at the playoffs, and due to the opening of the upper ring of the arena, tickets to the BLUE Arena will be sold in two categories, the first of which will be divided into two sectors (sector 1: A4 and A5, sector 2: A1 to A3).


Group stage 
CZK 200 / day.
The price is valid for the BLUE Arena and the RED Arena.

Arena BLUE

Category 1 (sectors 1 and 2): 350 CZK / day.
Category 2 (entire upper floor): 250 CZK / day.

Arena RED

CZK 200 / day.

Arena BLUE

Category 1 (sectors 1 and 2): 450 CZK / day.
Category 2 (entire upper floor): 350 CZK / day.

Arena RED

CZK 200 / day.


Conditions for entry will be subject to current government regulations related to the spread of the covid-19 pandemic.
Visitors will be admitted to the complex if:

  • are fully vaccinated and at least 14 days have elapsed since the last compulsory dose,
  • are within 180 days after testing positive for coronavirus
  • are verified by a negative PCR test (must not be older than 7 days),
  • are verified by a negative antigen test (must not be older than 48 hours).
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